Boy Scouts in Fiction

Recently I became aware of what feels like a sub-genre of books for young adults, and middle school readers.  These books involve the adventures of Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, something a great many of the readers can relate to from first-hand experience, and for others while they may not have those direct experiences to relate from, they have seen friends wearing the uniforms, or have seen troops in their community, and have a general awareness of what Scouting is.   For those who have never been a Scout, it is possible these books may give them some understanding why, for some individuals, Scouting is an activity they are drawn to, it may help them to see Scouting in a new or different way, and for others it may simply confirm that Scouting is what they thought it was — and is not an activity they need in addition to their already full lives and schedules.

It feels like the most prolific author within this sub-genre is G. Harvey (George Harvey) Ralphson, who lived between 1879 and 1940.


George Harvey Ralphson (1879–1940) was a writer of juvenile adventure books in the early 20th century. Best known for his “Boy Scout” series of adventures,  he was one of the first American Boy Scouts Masters.

This ebook edition is collection of collected works of G. Harvey Ralphson. The edition comes with eleven books, active table of contents, active navigation.

Included Works:

The Boy Scout Camera Club
Boy Scouts In A Submarine
Boy Scouts In An Airship
Boy Scouts In Mexico
Boy Scouts In Southern Waters
Boy Scouts In The Canal Zone
Boy Scouts In The North Sea
Boy Scouts In The Philippines
Boy Scouts Mysterious Signal
Boy Scouts On Hudson Bay
Boy Scouts On Motorcycles

Because the works of George Harvey Ralphson have gone into the Public Domain, some of his stories (including Boy Scouts in the Northwest Fighting Fores Fires) are available, individually, for free.  The edition where the above stories are collected together however, is currently not a free volume.

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