Bulfinch’s Mythology

Countless students over the years have been advised to pick up a copy of Bulfinch’s Mythology.  Perhaps because so many have turned to this book over the years as their source for myths, it has become known as a definitive source.  Whatever the reason, this book has persisted long after the author’s lifetime, and while some of the writing may feel out of sync with modern ideas (political correctness was invented after his passing for instance) as a single volume to turn to and look up your favorite figures.  Whether you want to read about Zeus, or the Golden Fleece, these pages are likely to hold something that will capture your imagination.

Per Amzon.com Bulfinch’s Mythology was written by Thomas Bulfinch (1796-1867) a Massachusetts-based writer and banker who wrote and collected the first popular English-language retellings of Greek, Roman, Eastern, Scandinavian, Arthurian, and medieval myths.

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