Ishmael and Captain Ahab’s infamous tale

Moby Dick, whether you have read it before or not, you have likely heard portions of Herman Melville‘s tale before.

As Amazon notes: Despite strange warnings, Ishmael, a young schoolteacher from Manhattan, signs up for a voyage aboard the Pequod, a whaling ship departing from New Bedford, Massachusetts. While on shore, he strikes up a friendship with Queequeg, a tattooed South Seas cannibal. The unlikely friends are hired for the journey—only to discover their commander will be Captain Ahab, a brooding, one-legged, tyrannical old man fixated on avenging Moby Dick, the great white whale who crippled him.

This nineteenth-century classic is at once a thrilling adventure, a timeless allegory, and “the greatest of American novels” (The Atlantic Monthly). 

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