Columbus: From Beginning to End

It can be easy to simply let three day weekends come along, and enjoy the time off from responsibilities and things we would rather not be doing, and not take a moment to recall why they were put on the calendars in the first place.

Columbus Day is a holiday that is seen from a variety of perspectives, for a lot of reasons.    When I think of Columbus day, I think of exploration, of people who were looking for a new way, a new path, to a known destination.  People who are willing to take chances and try new things.

There are few places on Earth that have been left unexplored at this point, whether they have been explored by humans, or technology, which perhaps is why the current generation of explorers is looking to the stars (and the deepest, darkest depths of the seas) more and more.

This is a chance to imagine, and think about, life hundreds of years ago — to think about how different travel was, and the adventure of those explorers who were daring to try something new… and also to realize how far our cultures and societies have come, and perhaps think about ways in which we can continue to explore, and improve, the world around us.

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