A recent movie release has brought a historical event back into the limelight — Dunkirk.  To some this aspect of World War II may be a new revelation, to others it may be a fascinating piece of the story of World War II they are delighted to see getting some big screen attention.  Either way, for many, as they leave the theater, there may be a desire to either know more, or experience more.  Thankfully, we have BOOKS.

The brief blurb for Dunkrik: The Story the Movie Left Out, gives a solid feel for what you can expect from this 26 page eBook — This book gives a succinct account of the events that led up to the evacuation of Dunkirk. It gives the reader a thorough understanding of the military situation at the time without having to wade through a thousand pages.  For some, this primer on the situation the World was in as the movie picks up may be something you want to read before heading to theater.

If you came out of the theater wanting more Dunkirk, more World War II fiction… simply… more… perhaps consider Dave Dawson at Dunkirk.  I recommend it in part because it was written by an author who served as an Aviator in World War I.  From what I can tell his goal was to write adventure books for young readers, so expect something aimed at school kids, with some over the top elements, and keep in mind it was written in 1941, so this is not “historical fiction” but fiction written at the time of World War II.

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