Of Plymouth Plantation

In school we learned about the Mayflower, it’s passengers and their journey… and the Mayflower Compact… and ultimately their arrival at Plymouth.  Of Plymouth Plantation was originally written as a journal, by William Bradford, a Plymouth Colony resident who served as the Colony Governor for nearly thirty years.

Of Plymouth Plantation is a chance to travel back in time… not to imagine what life was like for those first settlers who came to a new world, but rather to catch a glimpse of how one man felt it was to experience the trials and travails of creating a new life, in a land previously only imagined.

Of Plymouth Plantation is the story of the first settlers from The Mayflower and how they were able to survive and flourish in a hostile land despite incredible odds. Enduring starvation, plague, internal and external conflicts, natural disasters and countless other calamities, about a hundred of those first arrivals lived long enough to establish the foundational foothold that would grow into modern America. This is their story, originally penned as a journal during 1630-1651 by William Bradford, who was Plymouth Colony Governor five times for a period of nearly thirty years.

Charles F. Richardson stated that this work was a “forerunner of literature” and that Bradford was “a story-teller of considerable power.” Moses Coit Tyler called him “The father of American history.”

This new 2017 edition of Of Plymouth Plantation is presented in modern prose.

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