Solar Eclipse

The reviews mention this book is heavy on facts and information, and does not bend over backwards to be light and entertaining, but with the solar eclipse of 2017 nearly upon us, it felt like a good selection, and for many, a fact heavy selection may be just the choice you are looking for.

Past entries here at CheerUp.Fun have mentioned the relaxing escapist nature of many books… the way they transport us to far off places, and take us on grand adventures… but there is another very wonderful and amazing aspect to books.  The fantastic things they teach us.

They share with us the wonders of the world we live in, the lives of those who came before us, the events that shaped the countries in which we live.

Copies of The Solar Eclipse of 2017 Books have been added to the CheerUp.Fun August eBook Club The first 100 people to join should automatically receive a copy.  For more information on how to join the CheerUp.Fun August 2017 eBook Club Click Here.

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