Students are preparing for a new school year…

As students prepare for a new school year, and families help them gather the supplies that they will need to have on hand, at least a few of us will recall the countless teachers and professors who advised us to have a copy of Strunk’s The Elements of Style (also known and Strunk and White’s Elements of Style) on hand when writing essays and term papers.

As notes in their description: The Elements of Style is an American English writing style guide. It is one of the most influential and best-known prescriptive treatments of English grammar and usage in the United States. It originally detailed eight elementary rules of usage, ten elementary principles of composition, and “a few matters of form” as well as a list of commonly misused words and expressions. Updated editions of the paperback book are often required reading for American high school and college composition classes.

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Copies of Strunk’s Elements of Style have been added to the CheerUp.Fun August eBook Club.  The first 100 people to join should automatically receive a copy.  For more information on how to join the CheerUp.Fun August 2017 eBook Club Click Here.

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