Homer’s Odyssey

Where Homer’s Iliad  is a story of battle and valor and heroic men fighting the great fight, Homer’s Odyssey is a very different tale.  This is the story of Odysseus return home from the Trojan War.  Many refer to this as the love story that counterbalances the epic battle story that is the Iliad, and while both are born of the old Oral History tradition, they carry their own tone and flavor.

As Amazon.com says about this edition:

After enduring the Trojan War, Odysseus begins the treacherous journey home to Ithaca. On the way, he faces ravenous monsters and vengeful gods. But the real battle awaits, as his kingdom is under siege by unruly suitors vying for his wife’s hand—and his son’s head. To reclaim his throne and save his family, Odysseus must rely on his wits…and help from the unpredictable gods.

Homer’s The Odyssey was composed around 700 BC. It is one of the earliest epics in existence and remains one of the most influential works of literature today.

Revised edition: Previously published as The Odyssey, this edition ofThe Odyssey (AmazonClassics Edition) includes editorial revisions.