Veterans Day – World War II

Every year we set aside two days where we think about those who have served our country in the Military.  On Memorial Day we remember those who paid the ultimate price, and did not return home.  For those who served that is a hard day, because they find themselves recalling, all too clearly, the friends who served along side them, but did not return home with them.

Veterans day is when we thank those who did return home for their service.  To some that has become a trite expression, to others the words pale in comparison to the events they all too clearly bring to mind.  It is a day when some Veterans will put on some article of clothing that alerts others to their service, and others will avoid such outward signs of their time in the service.  The amount of time they spent in uniform bears no connection to that decision from what I have seen, each is simply finding their way forward the only way they know how.

Fewer and fewer World War II Veterans stand among us these days, perhaps making it more important than ever to remember the lessons of their lives.  Having met some of the Nisei, Americans whose parents had immigrated from Japan, and heard their story from them first hand, in a one on one situation (well, more like 7 or 8 of them, and 1 teenage me), having listened to them talk about how important it was to them, as Americans, to be allowed to fight for their country, I encourage my peers to reach out to those who experienced the World at War, the war that came after “The Great War” that a generation had hoped would be “the War to end all Wars”, and hear what they have to say, while they are still here to say it.

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